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Mind, You Prisoner!

DAY 37

At times, we console ourselves by saying – we are not meant for each other, but this is just an idea of the mind. The mind, being a prisoner of ideas. What is and what we think it is, is a world of difference. We are or we are not, perhaps does not matter. What we make out of it, is what matters…

We never fully know. It roots down to choices we make and the ideas attached to them from the dumping area called ‘mindbin’.

Perhaps, life is to transcend this and it is up to us making something out of nothing, or nothing out of something,….within different contexts, whether making it wonderful or a despair is solely one’s choice.

Sometimes, there seems situations beyond one’s control. Imagine the possibilities of these situations.

What about being a source of creation of the needful and the essentiality starting with oneself and as well as those around us being affected by the situation….suddenly this becomes OUR situation…

A time or a possibility of connection – gestures of humanity sustaining one; or the opposite,…the choice rests within you.

What do you make out of it, dear reader?

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