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This City

DAY 44

What a sight!!

Of this raining City;

The water droplets soothe the lifeless glass

Resurrecting its life by reflection

Allowing my self reflection to catch my gaze

From the surface of the H2O droplets

Reminding one of our different Selves within our Self;

The dusk now dawns

Buttercup roses greets the dusk’s graceful, slow steps;

The wings settle on the wires

Wired at nature’s mess around

Curiously searching for the seeds of life;

THEY stand by each other

Immerse within each other’s presence, marrying their togetherness

The sweet chatter flows

Spreading sweetness around and they unknown to it…perhaps

Their backs, turned

Eyes towards them

Reminding onlookers of..perhaps their own sweet times

The crowd no longer matters to them

The graceful pat on his shoulder

Her arm around his

It’s meant to be a long journey…the silent message goes

The journey of their togetherness;

This City does not contain love

Boundless love contains this City;

Each..with their journey and destination..; some destinations – destinationless

For some, the distinction between the journey and the destination matters not…it’s the same

Although the walk and the pace differs, it’s a shared ‘reality’ bonding these humans;

This City amazes my gaze;

It is now time to say – see you soon to this City.. as the engine hits the road towards the countryside

A village less of a village …. mushrooming with sugar and cement at its base

A land where sugar, the horizon, the faded realm of the mountains and the sky, meet…

It’s home, welcoming me, with the scent of sweetness in the air






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