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DAY 49

Someone who sows good, reaps good.

You did.

Why the complexities?

Who are you fearing?

There are others directing on your field…it seems.

If not, help me know you.

Stand for love.

Love does not make one go against.

Love embraces and enlightens.

Fear not the challenges.

They are there, helping the roots to grow.

For strength.

You are the warrior to choose your steps, with courage.

You said, I am your fear.

Holding your steps.

Am I?

You are a wonderful being.

Paving your path full of wonder.

After having sowed sweetness within.

Yonder, you stand.

Yet, you remain here.

Inclusive of me, of my every cells.

You, unknown of the truth.

The insights are your sowing.

Our greatest success ever.

The persons we are today and tomorrow.

And the seed of my love for you, for life…






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