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DAY 73

like the lemon veil

the sourness of my existence

fills upto my throat

suffocating my gentle nature

their relentless bickering smothers my kindness

i reach the point of intolerance within

their impact, they know not

my rudeness knows its bounds

only to protect the bounds of sanity

before the lemon veil burns to smoke

as it witnesses the fiery encounters

where do I go, where can I go

where filial piety is the norm

where the choice is being helpful and kind

why is there a compulsion for flight…

with a heavy heart I stand to fight

wishing I stood joyfully strong with all

here, tiredness is felt

loneliness becomes the companion

of the one with soaring anger

i become the beggar like hope, in hope

for harmony

as long as the loneliness is felt, it expresses the disharmony

within, around

do not underestimate the beggar

for the beggar no longer begs for harmony

the beggar now makes a choice to not be the beggar

but to be harmony itself


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