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“the healing”

DAY 79
” you split me open
in the most honest 
way there is
 to split a soul open
and forced me to write
at a time i was sure i
could not write again
– thank you ”
– rupi kaur

Author’s right: rupi kaur – milk and honey (# 1 New York Times Bestseller)

Dear Rupi Kaur, you have touched hearts and souls. And I am one of them. Every time I forget, “the healing” reminds me. ‘milk and honey’ is special to me. A funny fact would be – I read it till the last page, while being on my feet for a long time at the university book fair. I’m unaware how much time went in reading it wholly. Having journeying it, I chose to continue the journey with it. I then bought the book. Compelling. Heart-warming. And healing. Thank you. It keeps me strong. 

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