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Let’s Care For One Another

they have always done their best for me

they have wished I walk well

they have been well-wishers

they have been motivated to continue strong

they have been confused many a times

they still remain loving

they scold a lot

but that’s fine

if not their loved ones

will they scold neighbours’ children

they have been angered many a times

so have I

but that’s fine

humans are we


they have not abused

they have respected

they have been scared

scared to let their child

wander the world

“walk well on the road

“don’t go anywhere with strangers if they tell you they are there to take you to your parents”

I said “I would walk in the middle of the road itself – where vehicles move”

I said “I would joyfully go with strangers”

Rebellious spirits and words only to tease

they were caring

they have been reminded not to put their child in the cotton box

they still have to face their fears

so do we children

as we walk in a world of wonder

with their words and wisdom

as bagage

choosing the bagage as we blossom

constructing our own

liberating as we choose

the cared ones remain

no matter where they go, where we go

we grow up empathetic

we grow up caring


to protect the child

to guide well the child

to care for one another

to respect one another

to be loving to one another

to be patient and graceful

towards ourselves and one another

caring is not rosy and irreal

substantial it is

they say

let’s care for one another

yes, let’s care for one another

DAY 84