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lovely evening

under the clouds

the air is slightly breezy and cool

dim light flickers north west

showing signs of existence in the farwaway distance

consoling and accompanying one’s evening with wonder

someone’s beam of light teases the passing clouds

playing around

the coolness makes one conscious of the warmth within, under the skin

in evenings

it gets calmer here

while someone’s day relaxes

for another, the day or rather the night resumes

the nearby road and its motors crack the evening silence, time to time

at times the clouds talk

with shapes and lines

corresponding to gestures

a laughing crab appears

the flying engine passes by above the swaying fluffs

reviving scenes of the fluff cotton candy in my mind

what a sweet, lovely evening

the evening dreaming suddenly stops

with mother’s voice calling for dinner

‘ordering’ the dropping of the meal ‘package’

in the stomach area

with the intention of a sound sleep without night hunger pangs


time to eat dinner

lovely evening, dear reader!

DAY 85

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