contemplate · heal · perceive · remember · soliloquy · unplucked or plucked

Un’ plucked

perhaps you were one who chose to water it rather than plucking it, maybe that is why your annoyance of the plucked petals on our way, then. how these words fooled many still. and yet it gave way to one another’s destinies and paths. when i see it with anew perspectives, i grow fond of the quirks, irks and perks of who we once were; and who we may become for ourselves, for those we will be with, and who will be there with us as well. perhaps you were him too and yet not. it no more feels heavy. it feels empathising to know you anew and afar. and it is enlightening to comprehend the different paths with refreshing insights; and with grounded joy and gratitude. today is our different today, disparately. and here we continue on one’s own with nurturing grit, resilience and with perceptive, assertive mien.

day 97

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