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This City

DAY 44

What a sight!!

Of this raining City;

The water droplets soothe the lifeless glass

Resurrecting its life by reflection

Allowing my self reflection to catch my gaze

From the surface of the H2O droplets

Reminding one of our different Selves within our Self;

The dusk now dawns

Buttercup roses greets the dusk’s graceful, slow steps;

The wings settle on the wires

Wired at nature’s mess around

Curiously searching for the seeds of life;

THEY stand by each other

Immerse within each other’s presence, marrying their togetherness

The sweet chatter flows

Spreading sweetness around and they unknown to it…perhaps

Their backs, turned

Eyes towards them

Reminding onlookers of..perhaps their own sweet times

The crowd no longer matters to them

The graceful pat on his shoulder

Her arm around his

It’s meant to be a long journey…the silent message goes

The journey of their togetherness;

This City does not contain love

Boundless love contains this City;

Each..with their journey and destination..; some destinations – destinationless

For some, the distinction between the journey and the destination matters not…it’s the same

Although the walk and the pace differs, it’s a shared ‘reality’ bonding these humans;

This City amazes my gaze;

It is now time to say – see you soon to this City.. as the engine hits the road towards the countryside

A village less of a village …. mushrooming with sugar and cement at its base

A land where sugar, the horizon, the faded realm of the mountains and the sky, meet…

It’s home, welcoming me, with the scent of sweetness in the air






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Remembering You…

DAY 43

I must not fight the nature of its flow..

I must let you continue your flow just like these clouds..

Moving in their paths..unseen to my eyes..

All I see is their movement as random and spontaneous as they are..

Their nature.. ;

Their flow is as mysterious as you are..

Your nature.. ;

I wonder..

I ponder..

The release of someone who is not here.. ;

I must release you with love..


You still remain here..

Unconditionally.. ;

I, who never move on in love..

Must remain unattached to you..

In comprehension and compassion..

With unconditional love..

A truth I embody in profundity..

Letting the profoundness of our experience..

Enlighten me.. ;

Only unwords can express the divinity of the experience.. ;

Falling in love with life is my commitment for life..

The sweetness, triggered by our togetherness..

Still remains today..

I commit full-on to its blooming with life.. ;

Whenever it rains, I know why..

Whenever you feel the flurry of air, you know why, ..I remember you.. ;

With love..

I remain grateful to you..


♥ Dedicated to all who have ever truly loved.. ♥




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DAY 42

I walk everyday with an open wound;

Neither are you here to share this with,

Nor you chose to remain,

Slowly distancing, with your every right perceptions;

Did you come to hear me out once?;

This hurts;

I took responsibility;

I cannot force you to love back;

Today you do not see US in present and in future,

You concluded everything before everything;

How could you do that? But you did;

Today, I have no one to prove to, nothing to do for acceptance,

Nothing for gaining or losing;

Love ,

Come what may, we should have been together;

It did not happen;

Today, I still walk with this open wound,

Taking time to heal;

Perhaps, I should not identify myself with this wound;

It seems there forever;

All I’ve wished,

Your truth, comprehension, support, warmth of your presence,

The love I once felt;


I wish to share so much of love with you;

Are we meant to be?;

The present remains unchanged;

I do not know what to tell you;

Perhaps, you did truly love me;

Right now, I keep no wrong perceptions,

But you made me feel you do not love me anymore;

I do not fully know the truth of your heart,

Do you still love me…;

You were not and are not here to express yourself in person;

I want to hear your voice;

But I,

I’ve truly loved you,

I loved strongly;

I accept I myself put the parameter,

I wanted you to know,

My importance in your life,

To really accept me for who I am,

Telling me to come back,

Telling me, no matter what,

We’ll stay together;

I am very sorry for all you believe I did wrong;

I wish you recognized the truth of my heart, my truth..;

There are many unexplained, blank phases;

I still search for answers stubbornly;

I wonder,

Is your silence already the answer….,

Will you come find me once again…?,

Or the last time was the last time…;

I still walk with this open wound;

I suffer,

With healing spirits…,

Knowing, I must heal.



iSharvi - Wounded


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DAY 40


When you are seeing a filter,

Conflicts are bound to arise;

Seeking truth with fallacy;

The glow outside makes it hard to see from inside;

How much time is one willing to spend within…traveling closer within,

Staying there until it is known;

This demands a commitment;

Many a time, the view gets blurred,

With contaminants;

You try to clean it from inside,

It doesn’t go,

It is from outside;

The way is yet unknown to move from there;

It takes time,

Choosing to move elsewhere,

To even move from the hullabaloo of one’s mind;

The rhythm along the track differs for each,

We must respect the pace;

To what extent can you move from the filtered to the unfiltered, dear reader?

Can you set yourself this reality?

Do you believe in its possibility for you?

Can the glass be broken?

Do you have the will and the courage for so?




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Thoughts Of The Day

DAY 39

∞ Stephen Hawking’s Quotes ∞

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.
Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.
I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road.
Life would be tragic if it weren’t funny.
Not only does God play dice, but… he sometimes throws them where they cannot be seen.
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My Heart

DAY 38 Continuing

It seems next to impossible for you,

Living life by me;

Simplicity – my truth;

It seems, you always want it the hard way…even the most simplest of all;

A difference,

In our perceptions,

And values;

The excuses smother our union;

The voice,

In contemplation,

Still finds its way,

Breaking the cocoon of the tragedy;

Blinded, you are,

Inflexible to catch the scent,

Of the truth,

Of my spirits;

I wonder, am I blinded too..?,

To say,

You are blinded;

I remain flexible,

To see what is,



What I think it is;

The experience portrays an irony;

The irony is,

The foundation no more has a foundation;

What am I to believe?,

You remain absent,

To let me know,

And to let me help you;

Will it continue this way?;

They say,

In nonexistence exists the existence..,

Is our love affair of such dimension?;

I know nothing,

You can help me understand;

I still wait for you,

But detached;

I for once,

Free myself,

From my exhausted freedom,

To wholeheartedly accept,

This space,

Under reparation and construction;

Firm within,

Sweet by my own nature,

With simplicity,

I walk and walk without thinking of arriving anywhere,

On my own;

Spreading sweetness,

Come what may…


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DAY 38

This is what I feel I am for you..

If I am wrong, then correct me..

Where is the boundlessness of our existence?

Where did our togetherness go?

Where are we?

Am I still living a dream?

Entangling illusions..

It seems, I do not exist for you..

I wish you connect and communicate with me..

Please express yourself to me so that I understand you more..

I wish to keep no barriers of wrong perceptions between us..

Your self-expression will help you..

I want to make you suffer less..

I am trying to help you..

Within contexts or situations, parameters arise, due to good sense, and respect for oneself and towards you..

The irony is that, many a time..,

The contemplation of the situations made me realize that it is my absence which do more good for you..

My mind being a prisoner of certain ideas this instant.,

I am open to remedy..

This situation unrests my inner self..

Help me understand you more..

But, where are you?

Preoccupying with your own duties and perceptions, not seeing what is truly here..

I wonder..

Am I such soul to you as well?

I am opened to learn and break the barrier of wrong perceptions..

Is this your secret sacrifice for my focus?

The present seems otherwise..

It seems that you have come to go..

Am I stubbornly blinded from the truth?

The intuition guides..

Respecting your space and constructing mine..

I am here not to hurt you but making you realize the good, not by imposing on you..

Or, I must let you be..

Please, do not be scared of me, I remain your well-wisher..

What matter is you be safe, in good health, joyful and peaceful..

Take good care of yourself, lovely soul..


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Mind, You Prisoner!

DAY 37

At times, we console ourselves by saying – we are not meant for each other, but this is just an idea of the mind. The mind, being a prisoner of ideas. What is and what we think it is, is a world of difference. We are or we are not, perhaps does not matter. What we make out of it, is what matters…

We never fully know. It roots down to choices we make and the ideas attached to them from the dumping area called ‘mindbin’.

Perhaps, life is to transcend this and it is up to us making something out of nothing, or nothing out of something,….within different contexts, whether making it wonderful or a despair is solely one’s choice.

Sometimes, there seems situations beyond one’s control. Imagine the possibilities of these situations.

What about being a source of creation of the needful and the essentiality starting with oneself and as well as those around us being affected by the situation….suddenly this becomes OUR situation…

A time or a possibility of connection – gestures of humanity sustaining one; or the opposite,…the choice rests within you.

What do you make out of it, dear reader?