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O Traveler Of Life

DAY 54

Beast at work
Artist at heart
Feast at gut
Twist at wit
Tempest at wrath
Merit at acts
Altruiste in secret, at crux

O traveler of life
Sweeten in nectar 
With your substance of all
Gist of life.. you are

Where you started
Where you are going
So shall you reach

In instants
Which you are

From heart, at heart
Love, thy truth
Thou shall know
That I know… 

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DAY 53


It is


Which we tend to forget

We’re busy

Looking for what it is, searching for who we are

It’s here

It’s now

Now is heavenly

I do not deny

For many, it does not seem so, I can relate

Nevertheless, here can be heavenly, it’s in our hands, minds and hearts

We can change this fate

With a stroke of courage

It’s here

It’s now

Let’s remember

The wings are constantly unfolding

We’re living the magic

Realize it

In darkness and in light

Let’s be together


When we realize

We’re this forever

In the definable

We lighten and enlighten

The wings in motion, in stillness, in dusts, in clarity, knows

We taste not the sweetness

We are the sweetness

The buds, known to it

Now, it’s our very essence

We are the magic itself

The essence 

It’s your faithful companion

Our substance is of all

O traveler, sweetness is thy true companion…






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DAY 52

Twinkle twinkle

I see you shine

Twinkling bright

You are known 

To my eyes

In an unknown space

Could you get here? 

Fanciful thoughts

In the light of darkness

You shine 

In the darkness around you

You remain in your motion

With your emotions

Unwilling to express 

Your notions

Despite my patient expressions

You exist

In a matter of darkness

That you wish to ignore

Instead of facing it

It is not going to burn you 

To Ash 

Dare explore it with your light 

I see rain 

Substance of ashes raining around

Off you dissolve in your own, on your own and with air

The rain on my substance

Fires my hope

You are soon gone 

With your will

You see

This darkness

It is it which lets you express your shine

With your heart.. 




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DAY 51

When the rays disperse within my human form

My nakedness is revealed

Every step I walk is align to it

In parallel

I try to touch it

It touches me back

I try to absorb its substance within my prints

It allows me to dance in sync with it

Everywhere I go, it goes with my steps

Sometimes, it gives the illusion of being there forever

And suddenly when the lights go, it disappears

Like the feel of unfulfilled promises lovers make to one another

We feel saddened at its disappearance

With every little lights, the dreams are woven again and again

The truth of its nature remains

We are never going to substantiate our companionship, because its substance is illusory

I wonder if I am the same to it

Life long companions, we remain

With an unraveling sense, we stand in parallel, if not by one another

When I approach ….. closer and closer, its contrast is sharpen

We touch one another in grace

As I pull away, the shadow reveals me the substance within me

Nevertheless, whether I notice it or not, it always notices me, and is on guard…


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DAY 49

Someone who sows good, reaps good.

You did.

Why the complexities?

Who are you fearing?

There are others directing on your field…it seems.

If not, help me know you.

Stand for love.

Love does not make one go against.

Love embraces and enlightens.

Fear not the challenges.

They are there, helping the roots to grow.

For strength.

You are the warrior to choose your steps, with courage.

You said, I am your fear.

Holding your steps.

Am I?

You are a wonderful being.

Paving your path full of wonder.

After having sowed sweetness within.

Yonder, you stand.

Yet, you remain here.

Inclusive of me, of my every cells.

You, unknown of the truth.

The insights are your sowing.

Our greatest success ever.

The persons we are today and tomorrow.

And the seed of my love for you, for life…






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My Dearest

DAY 48

These are my words for you. You know who you are.

But do you know who you really are?

I know who you are.

Will it be late when you’ll come?

Will it be late when you will realize who you are for me?

Will you ever come?

The loving friendship bonds.

A diary reflecting the divinity of the innocence.

The shoe paves its way like the Crocs.

You have no idea where I am, where I have come.

With my Crocshoe.

My most precious gift being You, our love.

Do you still remember US?

Neither do I know where you are.

They say I’m holding on to what does not exist.

They say to love with a distance in the here and now. Or they say it may not be love in liberation.

Otherwise, it is signing for destruction, they say.

They are trying to help.

I choose not to judge you.

Who you are, no one knows as well.

Who I am, no one knows.

Neither you have a wish to know and walk by.

And make a stand for love.

Today, I question love.

The love that you believe is love.

I wish you took my hand, we would walk, cherishing our walk, enjoying our walk, without thinking of arriving anywhere.

I miss you very much.

Since childhood, we are ingrained with the conditioning of making practical, realistic decisions. While it is partly healthy in certain arrangement and management, it is not everything we are. It is part of it and not it all. It may have no connection with love at all.

You made your choice and stood fixed in your mind, distancing and distancing.

They tell me that you are already gone since long time, that there is no You here.

Your perceptions also say US is no possibility.

When I question you, you have no answer for me.

Must I question whether this is fair or not?

This question brings us to a circus.

A circus of the mind, of the heart, it becomes.

I still choose to not entangle in wrong perceptions about you.

Is it a blind choice or the right choice?

What it is really, is beyond my understanding.

I accept not knowing fully.

We could help one another in our understandings towards one another.

You are choosing otherwise.

Am I overthinking?

I am concerned about you.

Please help me understand you better.

The views define not any realities, neither yours nor mine.

Illusions are they.

Dancing to the tunes of the mind.

Confessing the characters.

I choose not to judge you, but to understand and forgive you, and forgive myself.

Sadness arises with the over-thoughts.

The past cannot be changed.

You are in your journey as well.

Radiating, the energy stands by you and for you, helping you sincerely.

We have risked our hearts for one another.

Always remember, my dearest, the sweetness has not gone wasted. There are no regrets in my heart, never will there ever be. All which remains with me now, is this very sweetness.

The essence of my truth, of life, is the sweetness within, and its manifestation. And you remain inclusive of me for life.

I wish to hear you, feel your presence and be near you.

My wounds are the places where the light shall pass through and this sweetness will remain grateful to you.

All the words stem from the sweetness, the silence within and from the healing taking place.

It’s not empty there.

It is complete there.

I wish you could sense the completeness…within both you and I.

The wish is your patience to listen to the truth, to your truth.

Thoughts of wishes bloom, when in pain.

Dear reader, my message is nothing really. Nothing.

When the rain touches the soil, the steps are soft.

When the rain touches the wings, it feels heavy.

When the rain catches my gaze, your truth is confessed.

The light shines again.

I still believe in you. I still believe in your kindness.

Wherever you are, wherever you walk, take good care, my dearest.

With love.


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Two Hearts

DAY 47

Dear Cutie Pie,




We met yesterday for the first time. I was hesitating to come and see you nearby. I finally came and greeted your Mother and you. You were in your dream world. You remind me of him. He likes to call you his little son even if he is your Uncle. Months ago, he shared with me that you are a boy and I also got to know your good name. It is a bliss we got to meet each other. The encounter suddenly happened. I’m glad we shared the space although I regretted I did not come hold you in my arms for few precious seconds. The hesitation imprisoned my pace and conscious will. While you were in your sound asleep, I glanced at you now and then…you were in her arms. It was a lovely moment which my gaze captured.  The sight of you – a blessing to witness. Even the short distance between us could not stop the greeting of our stardust. I do not know whether you will know me or not. Somehow, we do know each other. Since he showed me your picture – the very first time I saw you, an unconditional bond formed for life. You may know me. You may not know me. It’s alright. Our stumble across is a moment I will consciously cherish for life.


Dear Cutie Pie


With love ,





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Love Liberates

DAY 46

“…….Love liberates, it doesn’t bind, love says I love you. I love you if you are in China, I love you if you crosstown, I love you if you are in Harlem. I love you, I would like to be near you, I would like to have your arms around me, I would like to hear your voice in my ear but that’s not possible now, so I love you. Go.” Dr. Maya Angelou (Loving and Letting Go)

Source: Belief | Oprah Winfrey Network (YouTube)

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We Will Remember When…

DAY 45

The birth of our life long journey

The life of our togetherness

The blissfulness of our madness, with and for each other, which made us explore beyond the frontiers of ourselves, and enlightened our union

And I

I will remember you, when I willingly fell for you, in love, with joy

When you’ll be 96 and I, 90, we will remember when…….

I miss you very much as well